That Girl in the Hat

Or how I learnt to stop worrying and love odd socks.

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~August 10th~ ''Do they strip in the end or something?''
Hi blog-chan,

So much to say, so little will to say it.

I'm not kidding . i'm complaining about being bored and yet my bucket list is sitting untouched. It's not that I don't want to do them it's just they either require money or more people, of which I'm a bit scarce at the moment.

Things to Post today:

On the lolita front - I have a petticoat at last! It's not very pretty to look at so there isn't a picture :P 

However, here's the before and after shots of it in action:

     AND THEN...     

Nice huh? I thought so ^^ But, that particular skirt is a bit short due to a cutting mishap so having to keep pulling the petti up to stop it from showing is a bit annoying. Oh well, longer skirt next time :D

I also bought this straw bag in a sale after lusting after country lolita's straw handbags:

Problem - I bought lace to sew around the rounded edge and it won't curve nicely, so I'm going to have to think of a crafty way around this. 

On the cookery front - I made an apple crumble! 

IT. WAS. DISGUSTING!!!!! I had to use this diet sugar thingy and it tastes sooooo bad if you use too much. It took two cups of tea to wash the taste out of my mouth. Not fun times D:

Also cookery related, I'm getting death threats for not bringing a cheesecake to Weight Watchers.

... It's weird. 

I also finally had the first Wii-Fest with my buddies in a long LONG time. We christened Dance on Broadway onto our games list. There are videos. I'll put them in a separate post because photobucket might have a heart attack. 

Nearly there.... I've been shopping for new college clothes :D Again, separate post because it's a bucket list entry :P 

OH YEAH. I remembered. I'm gonna be pulling out of A Level Maths, for a good reason. I know I've worked so hard for this GCSE result and I've nearly stressed myself out over it a few times. And A Level Maths is much, much harder. So I'd have to be working even harder continuously throughout the year and risk stressing and obsessing over it, affecting the other subjects.

           So instead, I'll be doing Media Studies with my awesome aunty Paula. It's gonna be so cool ^^ I can pick my own topics and pay her in snacks :D And that's just so awesome!! I'm excited!!

Tomorrow, I'll off on another outing :D which is cool because I don't get out of the house. I'll be going with buddies in the school year below me:

These guys.

So we're either going picnicing  (Yaaaaaaaaay! Another bucket list entry!) or we're going to Swansea if the weather's sucky. So fun times either way.

Right then, that's the 'What's going on' entry done. Time to do the bucket list entries.

See you pretty soon,



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