That Girl in the Hat

Or how I learnt to stop worrying and love odd socks.

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~August 19th~ Ma-Maw's Blanket

Yo blog, 

Sup maaaaaaan? ~ 

Yeah too white to do that. I'll never do that again. Promise.

So yeah. Still need to do those bucket list entries, I'll get onto that. Eventually. But still 3/4 of the way through the holidays and I've done half of the list :D Yaaaayness

So last week, I went on quite a few outings: A trip to Swansea, a picnic/bubble day at the Gnoll and a family trip to Cardiff.

Swansea was so weird. Well, having weird friends and being weird yourself probably didn't help. I got to go to the Disney shop to hand in a cv, but they weren't hiring yet, but I won't give up! I also got a 'shit bag' from Claire's:

(Insert picture here, you lazy bum!)

Which had lots of ugly things but I LOVED this necklace:         


But we did get these awesome hats, which I didn't keep:


And I got these fat quarters, intending to make notebook covers, but all those notebooks would have been expensive and the Peter Rabbit print was a failed pencil case which will live in my sewing box for my chalks and whatnot.


The Picnic was awesomeness!! The weather wasn't but I still got to mess around with my good friends, Shannon and Heather. We ate swirly thingys, played with bubbles and talked about Shannon's career as a Pirate Hooker.

Don't ask.

I also made my newest best friend. Mamaw's blanket.


It also doubles as an awesome cape:


And as a tribute to the awesome Voldemort, Joe Walker:


Totally Awesome. Yes?


And Cardiff. Cardiff was an emergency!!

The volume button on my laptop keyboard had come off!!!


But the man in the Apple Shop was very nice and replace the whole inside casing which was very nice of them!! 



And last but not least, this week I went to town and got a few books to read (A fashion history book, a book about Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe and Murder on the Orient express) and my back to college stationary:


Gaaaaaah. So many pictures and blog entries to do!! I should really get to work.

See you later, blog-chan



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