That Girl in the Hat

Or how I learnt to stop worrying and love odd socks.

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~August 29th~ The One that Got Away...
 Clever Titles, that is.

So hey there blog,

I really should update you more often. This is gonna be one HUGE post, I'm afraid. I've been a busy girl this week :D

Last week, I went with my awesome aunty Paula to go see Shakespeare's 'The Tempest':

Which was awesome :D The prince in it was cuuuuuute <3 Curse you, men in tights and your distracting nature!

ANYWAY...  the big event of this week, was of course, results day. I got 4 A's, 4 B's  and 4 C's all together, which apparently was good. I didn't think so, but my stupid competitive nature had me comparing and belittling myself to my friend's much better grades.

(I'd show you a pic but I've got nothing appropriate, really.)

So that night, I went out with my friends to the local Italian, Frankie and Bennie's for a food. I didn't really enjoy myself, between me and you blog-chan. The food was okay, every other conversation I could hear was about their boyfriends (which I find incredibly rude, as it's basically rubbing it in the face of single people). That and I felt over dressed:

(There is a picture, but I haven't got it)

But on a brighter note, I did a heck of a lot of money from the family (Thank you, humongous family! :D) and get this. This super, yummy results cake:

Would you believe it was made a Weight Watchers member? :D

And also, DUCKS:

A pencil sharpener and 3 rubbers, how awesome are they?

And we finally got to go on my Mammy's birthday balloon trip! It was AMAZING! 

I don't have any pictures on this computer but once again, I'll get to work on it.

Coming soon: Two new lolita skirts and a trip to the College to meet my fellow French students :D 

I'll see you soon blog-chan,




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