That Girl in the Hat

Or how I learnt to stop worrying and love odd socks.

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~September 9th~ Music meme Days 3, 4 and 5
 Dear blog-chan,

I'm really not good at this whole 'daily entry' thing, huh?

Oh well, to the meme!

Day 3 : A Song That Makes You Happy

This is easy. It's 'Our Time Has Come' from the credits of Cats Don't Dance. I really like this because it's just so cheerful and bright :D :

 Day 4 : A Song That Makes You Sad

'Losing You' by Randy Newman. I was not in a good emotional state after seeing Toy Story 3, and hearing this on the soundtrack had me blubbing like an idiot. :

Day 5 : A Song That Reminds You Of Someone 

This was a hard one. But I think I'm gonna choose 'The Show' by Lenka because it reminds me muchly of my bestest friend, Melissa ^^ It's cute, kinda quiet, a little silly but all round cheerful :D :

So there you go :D I'll see you soon-ish, promise.

Bye bye bloggy,



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