That Girl in the Hat

Or how I learnt to stop worrying and love odd socks.

~July 23rd~ One and a Squiggle, Squiggle, Four and a Squiggle...
Or How the best laid plans of Debbie and Myself often go wrong...

Hi blog-chan,

What a strange strange week I've had.

The Cardiff outing was terrible!

First, the friend of my friend I was supposed to meet that day couldn't come, so I had to spend the night before cheering up the best friend.

Second, it was chucking it down with rain all day. Not kidding. If you didn't have an umbrella up for like 5 minutes, you'd be drowned.

Thirdly, the trip there. Good god, the trip downhill. I went to go help out at the official last assembly/concert of the year, which was fun. The plan was to shoot off the stage, grab our bags and get out of there. But noooo, we got delayed because we had to sit through a poem. How hard is it to say 'Thank you all. I love you. Bye Bye'? I just did it in 8 words!

When we finally got out of school, we ran to the adjacent bus stop to catch a bus that didn't come. Then, we decided to ask my grandpa who lives 10 minutes away from the school. Not to be rude, I went to grab my phone to call them in advance. My phone had vanished! Only for it to be sandwiched in between my magazines! And of course, Grandpa had to be in the hospital that day.

So we ran to the next bus stop down the hill. And we thankfully managed to get the next bus into town, ringing Mandabutt desperately to buy our tickets, who did because she's awesome. We made it into town and sprinted towards the train station. Well, Debbie sprinted. I sort of jogged behind. (Note to self: Get a** on Wii Fit)

Finally, we did get there, it only dawned on us then that Techniquest was only an hour's walk away from the damn train station! So then we planned to go see Toy Story 3 alongside shopping in the new St. David's centre. The cinemas were too far away. Gah, the cinemas pi**ed me off so much!     

We did however did spend quite a bit of time in the Disney shop which was amazing! Oh, the wall of plushies. You should have seen it blog-chan. Why I didn't take any pictures I don't know. I did however get this very cute Thumper plushie for my baby nephew Logan:

Cute huh? I thought so ^^

I also bought two mangas as well:

I haven't read them yet but I'm sure they'll be good ^^

So yeah. First trip to Cardiff. Not good.


Magazine work is going pretty well according to my editor boss, Beth. Which is cool. She decided to randomly surprise me with a text today. 'I'd like 5 new film or dvd releases before 7pm Wednesday' - I panicked. 5?! I only thought I was doing the one review for the first issue. Thankfully, she meant a maximum of 5 reviews. But she wants half a sheet of a4 per review which I could do easily. So, for the first issue I've chosen:


Alice in Wonderland, Inception, *sigh* Twilight: Eclipse and Toy Story 3

I thought I did pretty well picking films. It covers my target audience and a big selection of genres. But I really, REALLY, REALLY don't want to sit through Eclipse. From the reviews I've read, it sounds painful.  


My mother's nabbed me for filling in for people in her Weight Watchers classes. Which is cool. I get paid £5 a class. Awesomesauce.


Royal Wonderland's finally starting to kick into gear :D Well, the brand has an identity at last. Mel, who's off adventuring in North Carolina and I have been having late, late night conversations (Silly timezones) and we agreed that's she'd have a go at making the mascot and I'll attempt a logo. I think it's really cute stuffs. How about you, blog-chan?

Here's my logo:

And Mel's mascot:

I believe we're calling her Emmy. For now, at least. 

Go check out Mel's Deviantart here:

I miss her muchly. ):


Oh yes, one more thing.

I can't believe I missed the premiere! I had to see it today D: I'm such a dope.

Oh well, I really liked this :D It's not quite as TOTALLY AWESOME as the first one but hey, rule of sequels, ya? 

The storyline is really clever and being the Whovian that I am, the time travelling made me squee. 

Also, this musical made me fall even further in fangirlish lust with Lucius Malfoy who here, prances around like a pretty fairy princess :D No complaints. He is still one sexy biatch. 

I might just have to double feature it with A Very Potter Musical tomorrow and my head will explode from TOTAL AWESOMENESS.

So, I guess I'll give you a few days to digest all that information.

See you soon blog-chan,


~July 19th~ Why do we fall, Master Bruce?...
So we might learn to pick ourselves up.

 Hi blog-chan!, 

I have soooooo much to tell you! Where to start?

Oo! I know. Remember all the strawberries I picked a couple of weeks ago?

Well, me and Daddykins turned it all into jam!

Ignore the labels. We're recycling. :D

This week's been a really long Batman movie marathon for me. I've watched all the campy classics and I finally got to see the two newest films: Batman Begins and The Dark Knight!

WOW. Just wow. The graphics, the acting, the score..... GAH! It's just too awesome!

We also got this game for the Wii:

It is SO FUN!!

It's like Just Dance, but with showtunes! Forget Wii-Fit, this is the daily workout for you. Some of the faster songs (You Can't Stop the Beat from Hairspray for example), will really get you working up a sweat. Which is exactly what I need if I want to fit into burando Lolita :D

Okay, so homelife's been covered. Let's talk about my upcoming adventures :D

1. Tomorrow, I'm off to Cardiff with my buddies and the buddy of my buddy.... Yeah, I know that didn't make any sense. I've also been 'invited' to the final assembly of my ex Deputy Headteacher, P.J., so we're going to be rushing into town to catch the train. Wish us luck! 

2. On the 30th, I've been double booked. Oh dear. On the one hand, I could be singing in the choir of my lovely and nutty ex drama teacher's wedding OR on the other, I could go on a hot air balloon trip with my mother to celebrate her birthday. How exciting is that?! I'll probably end up missing the wedding because the tickets have already been booked, but fingers crossed, eh blog-chan?

3. New York and Niagara Falls. Yes, you read right. Im going to see America for the first time! :D I'm so excited. But that's November and I'm concerned about the amount of college work I might be missing. 

I guess that's all I've got to say for now. I have to restart my laptop now. Youtube videos have randomly disappeared.

I'll see soon blog-chan,

EDIT: I knew I forgot something! I got my concert DVD today so I'll upload my solo with the other videos once I'm done editing them.  

~14th July~ 15. Keep it that way for at least a week
 Mission Accomplished!

4th July - One week after the big clean.

11th July - Two weeks after the big clean

~July 13th~ 2 B A Master!
 Hi blog-chan, 

I've had a bit of a lazy day today. Sitting round in my PJ's and doing a few chores.

I've written a good few more job letters. Yay.

HOWEVER, I decided to put my nostalgia goggles on and watch an episode of one of my first animes: Pokemon! 

So... yeah. POKEMON! 

I have even touched the rehearsal stuff yet. DON'T PRESSURE ME!! TT . TT

OH YES!! I'll be off on an outing to Cardiff next week :D We're going to the local sciencey place of awesomeness: Techniquest! Being the big nerd that I am, I'M EXCITED.

Also, Toy Story 3 outing is also coming up. Fun Times :D Until I've got write the review by the end of the month > . <    

So. Uh. I guess that'll do for nows. 

See you around,

~June 11th~ OMGpleasetakemebackIloveyou!
So, um. Yeah.

Hi blog-chan,

What? Why are looking at me like that for?...

Is this because I haven't been on here well over a week? 'Cause I've been busy. 

Honestly I have. Want me to tell you about it? Of course you do.

So Monday to Wednesday was  all concert rehearsals. Many very silly things happened that are too silly to explain but I conveniently have videos of what happened. But they need editing BIG time. Seriously, there's like an hour plus of footage. I'll put them up another time.

Then Wednesday night was the concert! And it was a-mazing! I thought it was the perfect way to cap off my last year of school. The solo went really well! I can't believe I had so many complements  afterwards. I honestly never felt so proud. Proud of all the hard work, the weeks of slaving away extra hours on exam days, forcing myself to get uphill on time and pushing myself to give it 110% during the whole rehearsal period. I knew it would be worth it eventually. And it was.

I'm going change subjects now, I'm starting to ramble and tear up. Not a good sign.

So, on the job front. I've applied for a job in McDonald's on Thursday. Not that I really want to work there. I just REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY need the money.

I checked my piggybank today. £6.40 and 5 Turkish Lira. Not Good.

So I'll writing letters for jobs once I'm done writing this entry. I know I don't get to choose where I work but Vue cinemas seems like a pretty sweet deal. Pay and free movie tickets :D

Umm.. What else. Oh, I've got a job writing film reviews for a new local magazine Level:


There's our first front cover. Nice, huh?

My first review will be Toy Story 3 in cinemas and there was going to be an Alice in Wonderland DVD review but my computer decided that wasn't going to happen. TT.TT Sad times. Maybe if we sell enough copies I can get paid :D Maybe. 

Onto the craft front now. As you can see these Shirt to Dress things aren't going as well as I hoped. They're just not fitting my bust. Curse you, boobs! I have been eyeing up some very very pretty fabric on this ebay shop here: which will look great as the overskirt to go with this bustle-style (or rufflebutt) underskirt: 

Tutorial here: 

So I guess that's the thick and thin of it for now. I guess I'll be back later with the videos and stuff. 

So until then, see you soon.



~July 1st~ 5. Make a dress
Finally time to make something at last!

I saw this tutorial today:

And I picked up this cute striped pink men's shirt at a charity shop while going for a walk around town today  :) 

So I'll be back soon to show you the results ^^

EDIT: Unfortunately, being the total dipstick that I am, I didn't make the bodice to fit my rather large bust. So I'll be off to the charity shop tomorrow to go get another shirt XD  

EDIT 2: It's not the shirt or my sewing skills. It's my chest! I have completed the second attempt and it STILL cannot fully cover my bust area. So I guess I'll have to try a different style dress.   


£3.50 shirt, £3.30 snacks
£2.10 second shirt

~June 29th~ 23. Sort Wardrobe/Drawers
 Mission Accomplished! 

Being the total div that I am, I didn't take any 'before' pictures so here:

The Drawer:

And the Wardrobe:

So yaaaaay, that's done :D

I can kick back for the rest of the week.


~June 29th~ Time an actual blog :D
 Hi blog-chan, 

Time to fill you in on what's been happening in life :D

So, I didn't get Dorothy D:

Sad times I know. However...

...I did get a solo slot in this year's school summer concert!!  :D 

I soooo can't wait for that. It's my last official concert this year and I promised my gran after the first one that I'd get a solo so I hope I do her proud ^^

It's also the only reason I'm forced to walk back up to school even AFTER the exams. Go figure.

Anyways, life in the house isn't that interesting.

I did go picking the fruit that we've got growing the garden. Lookit all we got in one picking session:

And that was Saturday! I got another whole bowl this afternoon :D *drools at the thought of cheesecakes and jam*

I haven't started my baggy jeans to shorts conversions yet but I probably will do by the end of the week. I mean I'm really gonna need them soon!

But first, I'll have to tackle my wardrobe and clothes drawers so my room'll be perfectly clean and pretty :D

I'm off to choir now, so see you soon blog-chan,




~June 27th~ 14. Sort and Clean the Lair
Mission Start Time - 10:30 am


Time for my least favourite job in the whole wide world. D:

June 28th - 9:44am - The Lair is 75% sorted and cleaned. 
              10:35am - Time to get out of the squishy chair and tackle the bookshelf.

And AFTER... 

The only time you'll see a moose, a pig, a monkey and numerous bears together :D

Yes, I'm watching a Spoony review, for he is made of awesome!

Santa Mouse guards my hairbrushes. And he judges you. 

Mission Finish Time: 9:45pm

So there you go. It's shiny and clean.

Mission Acomplished!


~June 26th~ OMG it's Lush!

Hola blog-chan!

Saturday's must be made for goofballing, as Mel and I went out on another outing today :D

My plan of looking pretty today didn't exactly go to plan. My very cute pointy purple shoes rubbed me feet raw. Very painful indeed. 

For a 'window shopping' trip we didn't do too badly. I got a pretty dress with my own: 

But then my mammy was extra nice and bought me few extra things even this dress that makes me look like Little Bo Peep. It's so cute! <3

Oooo yes. We also got drugs!

It's not drugs, don't worry dear blog-chan. We went to the smelly soap shop Lush and they gave us freebiees :D

They were going out of date but never look a gift horse in the mouth, eh blog-chan?    

I'm off to make a pair of shorts out of old jeans soon. But not after Doctor Who.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Daddykins forgot to record it. I'll just have to wait for it to come on iPlayer.

I'll get back to you soon blog-chan,




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